Educational Toys - The fun and creative way to explore technology

Junior 5 +

The fun of playing starts at the age of five with Fischertechnik. The red junior line provides the first experience with technology and the way it functions. The motto is learning by playing and building with fast success.

Advanced 7 +

Seven-year olds develop their knowledge and capabilities with the blue line. The models are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but really robust in construction and for playing.

Profi 8 +

The black line, which starts at eight of age, offers the technicians of tomorrow design construction sets that are very close to reality. Subjects such as mechanics, statics, pneu-matics, electrical technology or regenerative energies guarantee outstanding the world of technology.

Robotics 8 +

Starting at the age of eight, children can program and control fischertechnik models and robots from the computer with our easy-to-use graphic software. An app is even available for control with smartphone.

PLUS - The optimum supplement. Everything to make fischertechnik even more attractive with light, motion, sound and more fun.



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